Tuesday, April 24, 2007

GM Still #1 Auto Maker

Well, that's probably not the headline you've been seeing everywhere else today. The Wall Street Journal declared, "Toyota Passes General Motors as World's Top Auto Maker," and CNBC reported, "Toyota Tops GM in First-Quarter Global Auto Sales." And we're all correct.

After 70 years as the world's largest volume auto manufacturer, General Motors finished just behind Toyota in units sold globally during the first quarter of 2007. (Toyota sold 2.35 million vehicles versus 2.26 million for GM.) But GM still holds the number one spot in the world's biggest market, the U.S. (GM held a 22% share versus 16% for Toyota.)

That's little consolation to GM, however. Toyota and GM (as well as the other U.S. car makers) seem to be on different trajectories. Toyota's global output grew 10% last year, and it is already more profitable and boasts a larger market capitalization ($200+ billion) than Big 3 combined (~$120 billion).

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Dave said...

I read that today too and was just struck by the numbers. Over 2 million cars each just this past quarter!

That's a lot of cars.