Friday, June 15, 2007

10% Higher MPG For Just $400

Would you pay $400 to improve your car's fuel economy by 10%? Autoblog is reporting that MAXAIR's ATMI (Automatic Tire Monitoring & Inflation) system, which may be available as an option on new cars in the future, can automatically monitor tire pressure and keep your wheels at the correct pressure.

Because under inflated tires can lower fuel economy by about 10% and cause undue wear on tires, the cost of this option might make it very appealing (and cost-effective) to new car buyers. Properly inflated tires also offer a safer ride.

As usual, the discussion comments at Autoblog are very interesting and insightful, ranging from how the MAXAIR system works and why it'll likely cost more than $400 to consumers to why you wouldn't just put a $15 air compressor in the trunk and monitor your tires' inflation levels yourself.

1 comment:

Dave said...

If it really is $400 for 10% improvement in fuel efficiency it would be a good deal. I agree with the commenters at AutoBlog though - $400 seems really optimistic for the work involved.

Also, 10% is probably the best-case scenario. Folks who have their car regularly serviced probably wouldn't see that much improvement.

That said, it's still interesting.