Monday, June 11, 2007

More On Air-Powered Cars!

For those of you yearning for more information on MDI's air-powered car, Autoblog Green has an interview with Michael Celades, MDI's Sales Manager in Barcelona, which is definitely worth a read. Celades even hints that the cars--which are expected to go into production in India in the near future and in Europe shortly thereafter--could eventually come to American soil.

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Dave said...

The air-powered car DOES sound really cool. I have some questions about it though. Compressed air is NOT a new energy source. Something has to compress that air and some simple thermodynamics will tell you that you lose some efficiency when you compress that air and lose some more when you release it. So, unlike electric or fuel cell cars, this is NOT a new energy source.

On the flip side, since the work being done (compressing the air) has to happen before the air gets into the car, maybe there are some economies of scale or opportunities to use alternative energy sources that aren't practical for cars (like solar, wind or water) to compress the air.

It's worth keeping an eye on, but like some of the AutoBlog commenters, I'm not convinced that this can actually work.