Monday, July 23, 2007

BrightCar Sale

Mark your calendars - BrightCar has a big 50%-off sale coming up tomorrow - Tuesday, July 24!

We are running a promotion in conjunction with a cool little site called Bits Du Jour.  BDJ (as the cool kids call it) is a site that advertises one software product per day at a drastically reduced rate, like a software version of  Well, BrightCar is going to be that product this coming Tuesday.

If you want in on this, and I know you do, you can either go to, check out the coupon on the BrightCar site or just go to the BrightCar purchase page and enter BitsDuJour as your referral code.

1 comment:

Todd said...

Thanks to everyone who participated in our big sale. It was a huge success, and we really appreciate your interest and business.