Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Warranty Just Expired? That's OK. You're Still Covered!

Back in March, Business Week wrote a little piece about Cadillac making it easier for dealers to avail of corporate funds (so-called goodwill funds) to make free repairs for customers whose warranties had recently expired. They also write, "Car companies have for years kept goodwill funds for dealers to draw on" when customers experience problems that would have been covered under a recently-expired warranty. So, this practice is not just specific to Cadillac.

If you experience a problem just after your warranty expires, be sure to ask for your dealer to repair it free-of-charge. They might be able to tap into the manufacturer's goodwill funds to cover the cost of the repair. And they should be more than happy to comply. After all, they know that happier customers are much more likely to return to the dealership when buying a new car.

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