Sunday, April 6, 2008

$48,000 for a Volt?

Autosavant has an article citing Bob Lutz claiming that a "realistic price" for the Volt would be 48 Large. Wow. My guess is that there wouldn't be too many takers at that price. But I'm also guessing that GM is angling for as much in government subsidies as they can get. The more the government will subsidize purchases of electric vehicles (EVs), the more the leaders in the market will benefit. And if GM can produce the Volt on time and as advertised, it should be a leader. Autosavant concludes that the net cost of a Volt to consumers will be a lot closer to $30,000 than $48,000, given subsidies and GM's (probable) willingness to discount the price otherwise.

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Dave said...

Well, assuming that GM is truly committed to the Volt and the technology it introduces, this could be OK. Obviously $48K puts it in a very different market than $30K, but they'll still sell some. The key (other than gov't incentives which could reduce the price) is to sell enough so they can learn and then improve the technology and drive down the price.