Friday, March 6, 2009

BrightCar 2.0 Released

BrightCar is proud to announce Release 2.0 of BrightCar Software.

What's New in BrightCar 2.0

New and Improved Charts
Fuel EfficiencyOdometer (New!)Fuel Price (New!)
New MPG GraphNew MPG GraphNew Fuel Price Graph

Backup your data file
Easy Backup

  • Backup is now a simple menu selection away!

Easy Sharing Between Machines

  • Do you want to use BrightCar on two different machines and use the same data? Now you can!

  • Give your data files any name you want and open or save them in any location, even a shared drive.

Open other data files
Support for Multiple Data Files

  • Easily keep your data separate. Use one file for personal vehicles and another one for your work cars.

Easier and More-Powerful Data Entry

  • Receipts out of order? That’s OK, BrightCar can still figure out distance and odometer values, no matter what order you enter your data.

  • Can't read some values on old receipts? BrightCar will let you leave those values blank and it may even suggest odometer values.

Even More Maintenance Plans

  • BrightCar now has plans for nearly 15,000 different North American vehicles.

  • Can't find the one you want? Use one of our suggested plans and tailor it to suit your needs.

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